Model 3155 Accumulating Brush Conveyor

Model 3155 Accumulating Brush ConveyorApplication
The Model 3155 Accumulating Brush Conveyor is ideally suited for high density accumulation of products with protruding features on the bottom side, especially when the orientation of the board cannot be guaranteed or is not important.

The brush array is electrostatic dissipative and zero–backpressure, which prevents damage to the product during accumulation.

Available Options

  • Power Width Control
  • CE compliance

We welcome custom applications.

Additional Benefits

  • Allow boards to be accumulated in a continuous queue
  • Zero–backpressure means the conveyor can run continuously without danger of damaging the product or the conveyor surface
  • Full–width design compensates for all board widths; no adjustment required
  • Boards with solder icicles up to 1/4" long can be conveyed easily
  • Modular design allows accessories to be added with simple hand tools
  • Typical applications include:
    • Accumulation of through–hole boards with large solder icicles after wave solder or board cleaning processes

Standard Features

  • DC motor with Integral Gear Head
  • Emergency Stop and Reset Controls
  • ESD Brushes on Stainless Steel Shafts
  • Adjustable Stainless Steel Board Guides
  • 3/4" Steel Leveling Feet
  • ESD–wrist Strap Receptacles

*Image shown with optional equipment.

Spec Sheet [PDF]

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