Simplimatic Automation Air Conveyor Air Conveyor from Simplimatic

Simplimatics Single Plenum Neck-Guided Air Conveyor Systems are designed to transport unstable empty plastic bottles in a single file, suspended by the neck ring on an a variety of extruded UHMW wear-strip styles. High volume output blowers pressurize the plenum and move air through a custom sanitary side blow louver design in the direction of the neck finish causing the bottle to move forward and slightly suspended above the neckrail.

Side body bottle guides prevent the bottle from swaying at right angles to the direction of flow. Manual or pneumatically actuated adjustable bottle side guides are sometimes required for multiple bottle diameters and heights running on the same production line.

Internal damper isolate the air flow into manageable zones to create consistent air pressure across the connected plenums. Each zone contains a magnahelix gauge to monitor zone pressures. Vertically adjustable hinged sections at the conveyor infeed and discharge are adjusted during changeovers to accept bottles of different heights.

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