Model 3270 Board Elevator

Model 3270 Board ElevatorApplication
The Model 3270 Board Elevator is designed to accommodate positive or negative elevation changes within a production line. Elevation changes within 16" (41cm) are most common, but the standard unit can accommodate a change of up to 50" (127cm) (longer strokes are available; please inquire).

The product is kept horizontal throughout the handling process. For elevate and tilt units, please see Model 3111 Wave Solder Loader, Model 3091 Drop and Tilt Elevator, and Model 3092 Tilt Conveyor.

Available Options

  • Power Width Control–motorized conveyor width, controlled by thumbwheel
  • Right–to–left transfer
  • Longer (taller) stroke–please inquire
  • Tooled Width Adjust–requires tools to adjust

We welcome custom applications.

Additional Benefits

  • Zero–clearance edge guides eliminate the danger of boards becoming jammed under the edge guide.
  • Step–through mode allows the user to pause at each step of the loading process, which is very helpful during set–up and changeover.
  • Adjustable stops and shocks allow the elevator positions to be adjusted. Even major changes in load/unload positions can be made by the user.
  • Typical applications include:
    • Raising or lowering production lines to clear obstructions or wall openings
    • Raising or lowering production to facilitate operators at seated workstations

Standard Features

  • High–speed DC stepper motor conveyor
  • Hand crank width adjust
  • High–precision THK linear guides
  • Adjustable shocks and load positions
  • ESD conveyor belts
  • AB PLC

Spec Sheet [PDF]

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