Simplimatic Automation Cap Feeder

Simplimatic Cap Feeder

Designed to accommodate multiple cap types, the Simplimatic Cap Feeder easily handles International Society of Beverage Technologies (ISBT) recommended PCO 1880 and PCO 1881 bottle caps. The Simplimatic Cap Feeder incorporates features designed to reduce or eliminate the need for change parts in bottling lines transitioning between PCO cap types (including PCO 1810, 1815, 1817, etc.). The system is designed to save bottlers time and money during changeover by eliminating the need for factory-compressed air and only requiring simple hopper size modification to switch caps.

The Cap Feeder has an expandable hopper capacity from 20 cu. Ft. to 40 cu. Ft. and can be modified without the need of special tools. Based on a 28mm cap size, the system is able to operate at 1,800 cpm using an internally generated air supply.

The Simplimatic Cap Feeder is also available in crown cap feeding configurations, making it a perfect solution for both small and large-scale brewing and bottling operations. 

System options include HEPA air filtration, an ionized air de-dusting device, a stack light system, and a jam detection system.

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