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Edge Guided Conveyor Systems

Edge Guided Conveyor from Simplimatic Automation has become an industry standard for electronics and semiconductor companies worldwide. Utilizing a narrow rubber belt and stepper motors, this conveyor system reliably moves printed circuit boards (PCB), SMT Electronics, and other delicate electrical components during the many phases of the assembly and manufacturing process.

Simplimatic's complete lineup of Cimtrak® and Semitrak™ Electronic Conveying systems utilize Edge Guided Conveyor and is 100% American Made. "Edge Belt" systems are modular and can be easily positioned anywhere in a production line to provide maximum layout capability with a minimal number of components.

Cimtrak® conveyor from Simplimatic Automation is designed to fit between SMT Pick-and-Place Machines, Reflow Ovens, and other large electronics and semiconductor processing equipment.

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Cimtrak® and Semitrak Edge Guided Conveyor Systems


Straight Conveyor

Manual Assembly Stations

Line Loading / Unloading


Aisleway / Buffering

Merge / Turn / Elevate / Invert

Automation Solutions

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