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Simpli-Mat™ 900 is a modular straight running mat-top plastic belt conveyor system for assembly and packaging production lines. Components are the same as used in the Simpli-Mat™ 2400. Simpli-Mat™ 900 is a more cost effective solution when bends are not required.

Simpli-Mat™ 2400


Simpli-Mat™ 2400 is a modular side-flexing mat-top plastic conveyor system for assembly and packaging production lines that require bends. The unique chain design allows a 2.2 to 1 turning radius. Components are designed to allow for quick assembly and re-configuration. A wide range of components offer maximum conveyor flexiblity at a very competitive price.

Standard Features

  • Aluminum extrusion designs allow for quick assembly, re-configuration and the addition of accessories
  • Low-cost, high performance modular product guide systems
  • Wide selection of conveyor chains
  • Durable construction
  • Heavy-duty drive and idle assemblies
  • Chain return roller system provides for ample chain catenary and allows for long chain pulls
  • Simpli-Mat™ 2400 can be used in applications requiring 45° & 90° bends
Rapid Automation

Simpli-Mat™ components are designed for efficient shipment, easy assembly, and quick re-configuration. Entire material handling systems can be assembled from modular drive and idle sections, leg supports, guidework, chain, and frame sub-assemblies. Optionally, Simplimatic Automation will provide complete assembly. Hardware mounting slots in the aluminum extrusion allow easy component-to-component assembly at the job-site using standard hand tools.

Standard nominal widths are available in 6", 12", 18", 24", & 30" sizes. Standard lengths are available from .75 meter to 30 meters in .25 meter increments. Custom widths and lengths are available, please consult factory.

Typical automation applications include:

  • Blow molding
  • Personal care product handling
  • Pharmaceutical and prescription fulfillment
  • Consumer products
  • Automovtive component assembly
  • Packaged food products
  • Beverage
Mat-Top Modular Plastic Belting

Conveyor belts are made of plastic modules that are assembled in an interlocked, bricklayered pattern with full-lenght hinge rods. This inherently strong design is combined with a positive sprocket drive and tracking system which maintains proper belt alignment, reduces maintenance time and costs, and can lower overall power consumption. Chain in available in a variety of styles, materials and colors. The most common chain material is Acetal because it offers good fatigue endurance and resilience, making it an excellent choice when accumulating product. Polypropylene is a lower-cost alternative when accumulation and resilience to rough handling is not required. Listed below are the most common chain selections. Consult factory for other options.

Series 900

Flat Top

    Offers a thick surface for a long service life. It's small, 1" (25.4mm) nominal pitch facilitates smooth operation with minimal chordal action, dead plate gap and speed pulsation.
Flush Grid Top

    This strong 1" (25.4mm) nominal pitch belt features fully flush edges and a 38% open area.
Square Friction Top

    Two-material chain module provides a high friction surface without interfering with carry ways and sprockets. Used for inclined and declined applications.
Series 2400


    Strong, versatile belt with small holes, 42% open area and a 2.2:1 turning radius. Durable and easy to clean. Small pitch allows tight transfers of delicate products.
Radius Friction Top

    Rubber is bonded to the top surface of interior modules and provides a friction top surface for inclines and declines and declines. Only available in polypropylene.
Radius w/ Roller Inserts

    Designed for low back pressure accumulation in applications requiring a radius belt. Offers 42% open area and a 2.9:1 turning radius. Wide roller-to-rod contact area means less water.
Modular Product Guides
Product guides can be easily configured to accomodate a range of product sizes and shapes. Once assembled, the guides can also be easily adjusted as the conveying requirements change.

Drive Assembly

    Modular drive assemblies come preassembled and includes 5.1 pitch sprockets on a 25mm bored and keyed shaft. Safety covers are provided for transmission driven gear-motor.
Idle Assembly

    Modular idle assemblies come preassembled and includes 5.1 pitch sprockets on a 25mm bored and keyed shaft.
Body Sections

    Body sections come preassembled from .25 meters to 3 meters and include wearstrips, return rollers and connecting strips.

    Turns come preassembled and are both 45° and 90° bends and include wearstrips and connecting strips.
Leg Supports

    Extruded leg supports are available in a variety of standard dimensions from 24" to 42" and include adjustable polyamide feet.

    A variety of standardized guide-work options are offered that provide multiple configurations depending on your application.

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