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Extruded Table Top Conveyor Systems

Extruded Table Top Conveyor from Simplimatic Automation has become an industry standard for material handling at companies worldwide. Our line of extruded aluminum beam is completely modular and is designed to provide maximum layout capability using a minimal number of components.

Available in both metric and imperial units of measure, the Simpli-Flex® 63/83/140 and Simpli-Flex® HD (3.25”) plastic chain conveyor has be widely used in the following areas:

  • Personal Care Product Conveying
  • Pharmaceutical Product Conveying
  • Chemical Product Conveying
  • Automotive Product Conveying
  • Machined Part Conveying
  • Food Product Conveying
  • Beverage Conveying
  • Electronics Conveying
  • Optical Conveying

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  • Simpli-Flex® (Metric)
  • Simpl-Flex® HD (Imperial)
  • Simpli-Flex® Chain and Guiderail Accessories

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