Simplimatic Automation Integrated Pill Bed

Simplimatic® Modular Pill Dispender Bed

Integrated Pill Dispenser Beds from Simplimatic Automation provide prescription fulfillment centers and large volume pharmacies, and dispensaries with an easy-to-implement solution for large volume vial and prescription filling.

These modular beds have 20 lanes each and are designed to be connected in series to provide scalable line solution for vial filling. 

Standard Features:

  • Each bed is equipped with (20) 2.7” Simpli-Mat® Lanes
  • Each bed is equipped with (1) 4.7” infeed and (1) outfeed conveyor.
  • Each “bank” of pill dispenser beds is driven with a single drive and idle.
  • Pneumatic diverts and pin-stops are used to position pucks under automated pill counters.
  • 20” floor to Top of Chain (TOC) height.

Optional Features:

  • Zero Dead plate infeed and exit lane conveyors
  • Embedded RFID Readers for Puck Sorting
  • RFID Antennas
  • Pneumatic device sensors
  • Advanced Sensors and Vision

Have a specific product question or need system specifications? Contact the Simplimatic Sales Team for additional information.

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