Model 3120 Flighted LIFO Buffer

Model 2120 Flighted LIFO BufferApplication
The Model 3120 Flighted LIFO Buffer is designed to help balance the flow of your production line by temporarily storing work in progress. Storing product in "Last–In, First Out" mode, the LIFO Buffer is able to hold 60 PCBs or pallets from 2" x 3" to 18" x 22" in size. The machine is designed to take very heavy loads, while the zero–clearance conveyor guides can accommodate very thin product.

Available Options

  • Capacity–up to 60 boards
  • Power Width Control–motorized conveyor width, controlled by thumbwheel
  • Cooling fans
  • Uninterrruptible power supply (UPS)
  • CE compliance

We welcome custom requirements.

Additional Benefits

  • Standard upline inhibit software allows the LIFO Buffer to regulate transfers at other machines, which can help balance the line and ensures the buffer is never filled
  • Teach positions, board pitch, inhibit values, and board capacity variables are easily programmed at the user interface
  • Sturdy aluminum carriage plates and closed–loop feedback in the carriage positioning system ensure precise and repeatable transfers
  • Pass–through, stop input, and stop output modes.
  • Typical applications include:
    • In–line buffering before bottlenecks or inconsistent processes, like manual assembly areas
    • Evacuating reflow ovens if post–reflow processes slow or stop

Standard Features

  • Closed–loop servo positioning
  • Touchscreen Interface
  • High–speed DC stepper motor conveyor
  • Dual–flighted buffer assembly
  • Holds sixty boards or pallets
  • Hand crank width adjust

Video [MOV]
Spec Sheet [PDF]

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