Optitrak Conveyor Lens Simplimatic

Complete Flexibility in Your Factory Layout
Optitrak™ Optical Tray Handling Systems

Precision optics automation, handling and manufacturing requires balanced processing components for the best in production results. Welcome to Optitrak™ -- the most innovative ophthalmic conveyors, handlers and equipment available.

Optitrak™ handlers are designed for:

  • Optical Lab Conveyors
  • Optical Equipment
  • Optical Manufacturing Automation
  • Ophthalmic Conveyors
  • Ophthalmic Equipment
  • Optical Lab Automation
  • Optical Manufacturing Conveyors
  • Optical Manufacturing Equipment
  • Ophthalmic Automation

Our Optitrak™ tray handlers automatically load or unload batches of ten trays at the beginning and end of your process cells. Simply load a stack of ten trays onto the ergonomically friendly in-feed conveyor and the Optitrak™ tray destacker will singulate trays and deliver them to your next process smoothly and reliably.

The most popular Optitrak™ conveyor components include:

  • Modular drive and idle ends
  • Wheel turns and horizontal bends
  • Incline and decline sections
  • Pedestal feet and ceiling-hung supports
  • RFID integration

Free Up Floor Space
Optitrak™ Tray Elevators and Lowerators let you elevate your optical conveyor and connect your surfacing area to your finishing area without eating up valuable factory floor space. Flighted elevators will quickly and smoothly raise or lower your trays to an overhead conveyor section, while keeping your WIP in continuous flow. A small 24" x 24" footprint is easily accommodated in most factory layouts.

Tray Diverts
Pneumatic tray diverts are used to merge or split multiple traffic lanes into one or one lane into multiple.

Ceiling Hung Ophthalmic Conveyor
By supporting conveyor from the ceiling trays can be routed long distances without creating aisle access restrictions. Utilizing vertical space conserves valuable lab space.

Integrated Wire Ways
Our extended wire ways neatly route wires throughout the system. A integral power divide insert keeps high voltage lines separate from 24VDC. A snap-on cover removes easily for serviceability.

Increase Utilization
The Optitrak™ Curing Tower buffers 40 optical trays while providing 20 - 30 minutes of curing time in a compact 26” square footprint. The buffering action of the vertical accumulator allows an uninterrupted manufacturing process, which results in greater machine utilization. Typically used between the blocking and the generating process, the buffer capacity and speed of the Curing Tower can be adjusted to provide the optimum curing duration between processes.

Reduce Line Lengths
For maximum tray stability and tight 90° turns, we offer a dual-strand version of our Optitrak™ conveyor. Its compact design and unique pop-up precision optical conveyor transfer devices allow trays to be diverted or recombined over a very short distance. RFID readers, bladder stops, pneumatic pushers and other devices can be easily added to the system.

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