Simplimatic Automation Cimtrak Panelscan

Cimtrak® Traceability System - Model 3342

The Cimtrak® Traceability System (Model 3342) is a joint project between Simplimatic Automation and Microscan Systems, Inc.,. This unique scanning and capturing solution is designed to read barcode data from multi-array Printed Circuit Boards (PBCs) on the front-end or mid-stream on a Surface Mount Technology (SMT) line. Fully integrated into an easy-to-use, the unit has a large viewing area reading anywhere within an 10”x 24” Field of View (FOV), with an optional second camera a 18"x24" FOV can be achieved.

The system utilizes Simplimatic's Cimtrak® Edge Belt Conveyor and Microscan's Panelscan software, GigE Camera, and NERLITE Series Lights to consistently and accuratly read PCB board markings.

Typical Applications Include:

  • Contract Board Manufacturers
  • Auto Electronic Manufacturers
  • Medical Electronic Manufacturers
  • Military Hardware & Electronics
  • PCB Assemblers
  • SMT Line Integrators
  • MES Providers

Standard Features

  • 1m Overall Footprint
  • Variable Speed (1-12"/s)
  • 3mm or 5mm Edge Belt
  • Optional Powered Width Control (PWC)
  • SMEMA 1.2 Compliance
  • 254mm x 609mm Field of View (FOV)
  • 1 x 6144px Light Sensor
  • 17 kHz Line Rate
  • 5000k - 8300k Lighting
  • Single or Dual Camera Setup
  • Gigabit Ethernet Interface

For additional system information, please contact a member of the Simplimatic Sales Team.

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