Simplimatic Automation Advantage Puck Pucks for Stabilizing Product

Custom Molded Pucks for Product Handling

puck-handlingWhether your challenged with conveying an unstable product or just want to minimize product changeover time, Simplimatic has just the solution; an injection molded carrier, (puck) designed for a customer’s unique product.

Custom molded Pucks allow for stabilization and standardization of uniquely shaped products. Pucks also minimize line changeover by standardizing the fill height and rail height of the products being conveyed minimizing costly line down-time.

Simplimatic Automation in partnership with Advantage Puck is proud to offer customers 3D designed custom molded pucks to allow manufacturers to stabilize product, increase line speed, and reduce noise in the manufacturing facility.

Custom pucks are available as a package item with every conveyor that Simplimatic manufactures.

For additional information on Custom molded pucks for your products please visit:

AdvatangePuck.com or contact a member of our Sales Team for additional Information

Simplimatic Automation also offers a complete line of Puck Handling Systems. Including:

  • Rotary Puck Inserters
  • Inline and Rotary Puck Removers
  • Overhead puck return systems
  • Puck load, buffer and unload systems
  • Puck Washers

Click here to download our Puck Handling Brochure.

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