Simplimatic Automation Dirty Puck - Puck Washer

Simplimatic® Aqueous Puck Washer

Pucks (also referred to as carriers) are often used in production lines to stabilize otherwise unstable products and/or to minimize production changeover between products by utilizing a common puck base.

Over time pucks become dirty from a combination of spilled liquids and dust. This dirt and grime build-up leads to staining and marring of new products as well as automation fouling contributing to line downtime.

The AqueousPuck Washer from Simplimatic Automation was designed to help alleviate the dirt and grime issue surrounding Puck use.

Simplimatic Automation's Aqueous Puck Washer:

  • Eliminates Manual Puck Washing Labor
  • Automates In-Line Puck Cleaning
  • Cleans Pucks Using a 4-Stage Process
  • Cleans with High-Flow, High-Temp Nozzles
  • Utilizes an Internal Water Tank

Simplimatic's industrial washer is designed and optimized to specifically clean and dry pucks while easily integrating into packaging lines.

Aquesous Puck Washers are currently in use in the following industries:

  • Consumer Packed Goods (Deodorant, Shampoo, Toothpaste, Etc.)
  • Consumer Chemical Industry
  • Food & Beverage Industry
  • Prescription Fulfillment

Spec Sheet

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