Simplimatic Automation Sanitary Conveyor Edge of Conveyor

Sanitary Conveyor (CIP Conveyor)

Stainless steel sanitary conveyor from Simplimatic Automation allows for easy Clean-In-Place (CIP) maintence and servicing. Without removing the plastic mat top chain, servicers can easily clean the carryway, returnway chain, wearstrip surfaces, bearings and motor mounts.

Conveyor segments are joined using stainless steel spacers rather than the traditional butt seams which allows for cleaning brush access. Bearings and motors mounts are set off the conveyor frame in the same fashion allowing cleaning brush entry behind the bearing and/or motor mount.

Horizontal crossbraces on the tubular steel legs are welded to the vertical support legs with the flat surfaces at 45 off of vertical to prevent water from accumulating on the surface.

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