Model 3260 Shuttle Gate

Model 3260 Shuttle GateApplication
Model 3260 Shuttle Gate allows product to be conveyed across an opening in a production line. This allows operators to pass between machines in a line instead of walking around the end of the line. The shuttle remains retracted until a board is ready to transfer. Average cycle time is seven seconds.

Available Options

  • Power Width Control
  • Dual Lane
  • Right–to–left transfer
  • Rear fixed rail
  • Tooled Width Adjust–requires tools to adjust
  • Slide Width Adjust–cam locks on width adjust
  • Wireless SMEMA communication–eliminates need for wireway across aisle
  • CE compliance
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Additional Benefits

  • Optional servo–controlled shuttle mechanism does not rely on positional sensors or hard stops. Instead, the retract and extend positions are easily stored in the software and the closed–loop system ensures they are recalled exactly, every time.
  • Zero–clearance edge guides eliminate the danger of boards becoming jammed under the edge guide.
  • Shuttle will extend slowly and retract very quickly, which increases safety while reducing cycle times.
  • Pressure sensors on the shuttle, an infrared sensor, and current limit settings protect operators from the shuttle action.
  • Standard Allen–Bradley controller system supports a touch screen interface and can be expanded to include network capability.
  • Typical applications include:
    • Creating line openings so operators have better access to the factory and production machines
    • Allowing for the movement of carts, pallet jacks, or cleaning equipment

Standard Features

  • Closedloop servo shuttle system
  • Highspeed DC stepper motor conveyor
  • ESD belts
  • Hand crank width adjust
  • Tripleredundant safety system
  • Creates up to a 42-inch (106.7cm) opening
  • Slide–out electrical panel
  • Teachable to any position

Video [MOV]
Spec Sheet [PDF]

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