Simpli-Flex® HD (Heavy Duty)


Welcome to the world of Simpli-Flex® conveying. Simpli-Flex® HD Modular Conveyor from Simplimatic Automation is designed to automate package, parts or product handling production lines. This heavy duty conveyor system provides users with maximum system layout capability utilizing a minimum number of modular components.

Simpli-Flex® HD quality is second to none and serves as a Standard/Imperial complement to our line of metric Simpli-Flex® 63/83/140 components. Simplimatic Automation employs standard component designs and the latest advances in aluminum extrusion, injection molding and metal forming manufacturing technologies. Our comprehensive approach to conveyor design means you get fast system installation, reliable operation and a cost-effective system design that is flexible enough to adapt to your changing system needs.

Simpli-Flex® HD is designed and supported by Simplimatic Automation, a global supplier of material handling products. Backed by an international network of authorized distributors, our experienced factory support staff is available for consultation on special application requirements or to provide technical assistance.

Simpli-Flex® HD modular components can be combined to provide customized product handling for a wide range of industry applications including those in health and beauty, product packaging, electronic assembly, automotive, pharmaceutical, and other industries.

Simpli-Flex® HD Catalog

Standard Link Chain
High Friction Link Chain
Flighted Link Chain
Low Back Pressure Chain
Elevator Chain

Conveyor Beams
Conveyor Beam
Half Height Conveyor Beam
Half Width Conveyor Beam
Retainer Strip

Full & Half Height Horizontal Wheel
Horizontal Plain Turns
Vertical Plain Turns

End Drive
Intermediate Drive
Fixed Short Drive
Adjustable Short Drive
Extended Fix Drive
Mitered Parallel Transfer Unit Wrap

End Idler
Vertical Idler

Guide Rails
Fixed Guide Rail
Guide Rail Covers
Fixed Guide Rail Accessories

Guide Rail Bracket
Fixed Guide Rail Brackets
Fixed Guide Rail Bracket Hardware
Fixed Guide Rail System Selection Chart
Adjustable Guide Rail Brackets
Guide Rail Bracket Accessories

Support Systems
Support Beam
End Cap
Conveyor Support Brackets
Support System Brackets
Full Web Bracket
Extruded Foot
Platform Foot
Screw Adjusting Pedestal Foot
Ceiling Support Hanger

Joiner Strip
Dovetail Clamp
Square Nuts
T-Slot Cover
T-Connect System
Miscellaneous Fasteners

Drip Catch System
Drip Catch Pan
Drip Pan End
Wheel Turn Drip Catch Pan
Concave & Convex
Vertical Plain Curve Drip Catches

Pallet & Puck Handling
System Capabilities
Pallet Stations
Pallet Design
Path Interruption Stops
Clamping Stops
Metering Stops
Product Lifts
Product Inverter
Product Diverts
Side Pusher
De-Pucking Stations

Product Stop
Bladder Product Stop
Foam Stop
Alternating Metering Stop
Independent Metering Stop
Toggle Product Stop
Dual Rail Product Divert
Rotary Actuator Product Divert
End Slide Pusher
Side Pusher
Product Cop
Product Lift
Product Inverter
Transition Deadplates

Auxiliary Equipment
Sure Grip

Safety Labels


Technical Specifications
Operating Temperature
Component Material
Chemical Resistance
Static Dissipation
Lubrication Requirements
Support/Conveyor Capacity

Technical Calculations
Calculating Chain Length
Chain Carrying Capacity
Calculating Chain Pull
Drive Train Selection
Example Calculation
Chain Pull Worksheet for Sideflexing Conveyor

Tables & Figures
Chain Weight Table
Friction Between Wearstrip & Chain Table
Friction Between Product & Chain Table
Service Factor Table
Turn Factors Table
Drive Component Selection Tables
Chemical Compatibility Chart
Standard Chain Load Limit Chart
Electrostatic Dissipative Chain Load Limit Chart
Chain Corner Load Limit Chart

English to Metric Conversion Chart

Preventative Maintenance









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