Simpli-Flex® 63/83/140

Simpli-Flex®63/83/140 modular conveyors from Simplimatic Automation are designed to help rapidly automate packaging and assembly production lines. Products can be run directly on the conveyor, in pallets, or in pucks as required. This unique system employs an 83mm wide side-flexing plastic chain which allows turns and elevation changes within single continuous runs. The chain travels on low-friction plastic slide rails mounted on an aluminum extrusion track which is designed to quickly bolt together. The modular system can be easily changed when system reconfiguration becomes necessary. Product guide rails are used to stabilize and contain the product as it moves along the conveyor beam.

Our modular conveying systems make the most of capital investment, space, and time by offering a truly flexible conveying structure. A family of pre-engineered modular components makes assembling modular conveying systems very versatile, allowing the greatest amount of layout capability with the least amount of component variation. Components are designed to be used in multiple configurations to give the user unlimited conveying options. Systems can be easily reconfigured to handle products or fixtures of varying specifications.

Standard component designs and the latest advances in aluminum extrusion, injection molding and metal forming technologies are employed to produce high-quality parts. Through standardization, and the use of precise manufacturing tolerances, all conveyor parts can be put together quickly and with ease. This allows simple onsite installations. All system components can be easily assembled, disassembled, and reassembled in far less time than conventional table-top chain conveyors. Design simplicity allows complete systems to be erected with simple hand tools.

The comprehensive approach of the conveyor design allows faster system installation, reliable operation and a cost-effective system design that is flexible enough to adapt to changing system needs.

Simpli-Flex®63/83/140 modular conveyor systems can be used for a wide range of applications including those in health and beauty, product packaging, electronic assembly, automotive, pharmaceutical, and many other industries.

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