Semitrak JEDEC Tray Flipper

Simplimatic Automation Jedec Flipper 144x144pxApplication
The Semitrak Model 3262 JEDEC tray flipper is a fully-automated solution for flipping a stack of JEDEC trays onthe long-axis of the tray. The unit is designed to handle standard 12.7 x 5.35 inches (322.6 x 136mm) trays, but can be configured to handle custom sizes as well.

The system provides a safe, ergonomic way to flip trays before or after bottom side (dead bug) processing. JEDEC trays are secured from the side, top and bottom to prevent slipping or falling from slot. The tool can handle both short stacks and tall stacks with no operator setup or interaction.

Available Options

  • Custom tray handling
  • CE compliance

We welcome custom applications.

Standard Features

  • Touchscreen interface with full machine diagnostics
  • Flips both short and tall stacks of JEDEC trays

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