Simplimatic Automation Sanitary Conveyor

Stainless Steel & Mild Steel Conveyor

Stainless steel and Mild Steel Conveyor from Simplimatic Automation serves as the backbone for non-modular conveyor integrations worldwide. This high-strength, high-speed, and easy-to-clean conveyor has been industry standard well before the advent of conventional extruded aluminum beam. 

Stainless and Mild Steel Conveyor is primarily used in industries that require a heavy-duty frame and chain/belt to accommodate significant line back-pressure. Simplimatic's line of stainless steel and mild-steel conveyor beam is completely custom and is designed to the exacting integration needs of each individual customer.

Stainless and Mild Steel Conveyor from Simplimatic Automation requires a higher degree of pre-engineering and overall line design in comparison to traditional Simpli-Flex® and Simpli-Mat™ Conveyor. Each elbow, incline, and straight are made up of dozens of sub-assemblies meticulously designed to meet specific manufacturing specs. Typical industry applications include:


  • Personal Care Product Conveying
  • Pharmaceutical Product Conveying
  • Chemical Product Conveying
  • Automotive Product Conveying
  • Machined Part Conveying
  • Food Product Conveying
  • Beverage Conveying
  • Electronics Conveying
  • Optical Conveying

Stainless and Mild Steel Conveyor from Simplimatic is specialty built. Customers interested in this product are asked to contact the Simplimatic Sales Team directly for requested system specifications.

Simplimatic Sales & Service Locations:

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  • Dallas, Texas
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