Model 3330L Micro Magazine Loader

Model 3330L Micro Magazine LoaderApplication
The Model 3330L Micro Magazine Loader is designed to remove product from a manufacturing line and into a magazine. The unit is designed to handle standard 2.3", 3.1", 4.3", and 5.4" magazines, but can be configured to handle custom sizes as well. The unit works especially well in high-mix environments.

Available Options

  • Fully interlocked cover package
  • Same side in/out transfer
  • Custom magazine handling
  • Caster feet
  • CE compliance

We welcome custom applications.

Additional Benefits

  • Zero-gap edge guides eliminate the danger of boards becoming jammed under the edge guide.
  • Load and unload positions can be taught at the touchscreen, which also provides diagnostic and troubleshooting information.
  • Twin closed-loop positioning systems deliver a high degree of precision and repeatability.
  • The unit automatically detects magazines and their contents, which allows the operator to load the unit and walk away.
  • Different lengths and widths of magazines are easily accommodated.
  • Typical applications include:
    • Introducing populated or non-populated product onto a production line
    • Loading trays or boats onto a production line

Standard Features

  • Closed-loop positioning systems
  • Auto-magazine detect
  • Easy magazine change-over
  • Handles up to six magazines
  • LCD interface

*Image shown with optional equipment

Spec Sheet [PDF]

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