Simplimatic Automation - Corporate Office & Assembly Facility

Who is Simplimatic Automation?

For over 50 years the Simplimatic brand has been synonymous with quality and longevity throughout the manufacturing and packaging sectors. This has been a direct result of Simplimatic’s commitment to developing material handling and automation products that Keep it Smart. Keep it Simple.™


01. Our Mission

Simplimatic Automation provides conveyor systems, robotics, and custom factory automation to a variety of manufacturing, assembly and packaging operations worldwide. We are dedicated to the on-time delivery of quality products at a competitive price, backed by the best customer support in the industry.

02. Our Values

Simplimatic Automation is committed to developing smart and simple solutions that help solve the complex challenges faced in modern manufacturing, assembly, and packaging. We strive to maintain a friendly, fair, and creative work environment which respects and rewards diversity, new ideas, hard work, and dedication.

Simplimatic strives to simplify the complex challenges faced by companies in manufacturing and packaging. 

Company History

Over the years, the products and services Simplimatic provides to its customers have evolved based on industry demand and ever-changing market trends. At its core, Simplimatic still designs, manufactures, and integrates simple and smart material handling and automation solutions. The industry base Simplimatic serves expands each year as demand for their knowledge, experience, and unique solutions grows around the globe.

Simplimatic Engineering Company


A Foundation in Bottling

Simplimatic began operations in 1965 in Lynchburg, VA as Simplimatic Engineering Company (commonly referred to as SECO), a business that specialized in the design and manufacture of conveyor and automation systems for the bottling industry. From its initial product offerings of simple flat belt conveyor, Simplimatic grew to become an industry leader in bottling automation and material handling equipment.

Simplimatic Engineering Company 1989


The Personal Computing Push

As brand recognition and product notoriety
continued to grow for Simplimatic, so did sales of personal computers throughout the mid-to-late 80’s. Under new ownership, Simplimatic launched its first line of SMT conveyor and board handling equipment to accommodate for the huge growth in the new printed circuit board and semiconductor manufacturing markets.

Crown Simplimatic


The Decade of Merger and Acquisition

Like many other businesses in the late 80’s and 90’s, the Simplimatic brand was highly-regarded and a prime target for acquisition.  Originally purchased by Carnaud Metal Box in the early 90’s, Simplimatic was subsequently purchased by Crown Cork & Seal during their acquisition of CMB in 1995. This deal lead to tremendous brand growth as Simplimatic was now part of the largest packaging company in the world.



Electronics Business Unit Split

As Simplimatic’s Cimtrak® line of edge-belt material handling products continued to grow through the mid to late 90’s it became apparent that the electronics conveying unit no longer fit with the core business offerings of Crown Cork & Seal. The electronics business unit was separated from the parent company and sold.

Simplimatic Engineering Holdings


New Owners, Growing Product Offerings, and a Bright Future

With new ownership, the current iteration of the Simplimatic brand began to take its final shape. With decades of conveying, custom automation, and integration experience, Simplimatic was able to grow exponentially through acquisition and R&D to meet the needs of a diversified customer base.

Simplimatic Automation 2015


A New Building for the Golden Anniversary

Since 1965, Simplimatic has seen tremendous growth in nearly all sectors of manufacturing and packaging. To accommodate an ever-increasing workload, a 60,000 ft2 facility was built in Forest, VA in 2015. Simplimatic has a bright future helping customers Keep it Smart. Keep it Simple™