Food Packaging


The food packaging industry requires precise automation and material handling to reliably supply the world with a steady stream of delicious products. With over 50 years of experience, Simplimatic has the application knowledge and product portfolio necessary to fulfill the material handling and automation needs of manufacturers within frozen food, packaged bake goods, snack food, canned food, baby food, and more.

Simplimatic’s conveying, automation, and robotics equipment provides customers in the packaged food industry with a wide range of solutions for use in nearly every phase of the primary manufacturing, packaging, case packing, and palletizing processes. 

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Simplimatic’s material handling products are world renowned for their ability to carefully transport packaged food products between manufacturing processes. Simplimatic’s flexible, modular systems can easily fit current line layouts and a large variety of pre-established factory line environments within frozen food, canned food, baby food, snack food manufacturers, and more. Many systems are available in both washdown and non-washdown varieties depending on your specific application.

  • Simpli-Flex® 83mm Tabletop Conveyor

  • Simpli-Flex® Alpine Conveyor

  • Simpli-Flex® HD – 3.25″ Tabletop Conveyor

  • Simpli-Flex® HD Side Gripping Conveyor

  • Simpli-Flex® HD Spiral Elevator

  • Simplimatic® Case Elevator

  • Simplimatic® Painted Steel Mat Top Conveyor

  • Simplimatic® Sanitary Mat Top Conveyor

Simplimatic Automation designs, builds, and integrates custom robotic solutions, including USDA-compliant robotic systems, for packaged food manufacturers across the globe. As a member of the FANUC© Robotics America Corporations’ distribution network, Simplimatic has the tools and relationships necessary to automate even the most unique primary and secondary packaging, and other tertiary packaging processes within packaged food industries. Simplimatic specializes in the design, integration, assembly, and software support of robotic cells for both in-line and independent operation. Like the hundreds of unique customers Simplimatic serves, each robotic automation solution is custom tailored for a specific application and function.

  • Simplimatic® Automated Mobile Robots (AMR)

  • Simplimatic® Custom Automation Cell

  • Simplimatic® Robotic Palletizer

Simplimatic Automation - Engineering Services

Simplimatic provides each customer with complete access to a team of mechanical, electrical, and system integration engineers. These engineers use their expertise to provide the optimal solution of material handling and automation equipment for a large array of packaged food manufacturing, assembly, conveying, secondary packaging, and tertiary packaging processes. Throughout the design process, Simplimatic’s engineering goal is to achieve maximum line efficiency, ensure maximum line up-time, optimize the cost/benefit ratio, and deliver superior long-term service and support.

Simplimatic Automation - Integration Services

Each piece of Simplimatic machinery is offered with optional installation packages for customers around the globe. Simplimatic’s field service engineers travel to each facility to integrate the machinery, while simultaneously offering customers the knowledge and training they need to operate their equipment optimally to maximize throughput and minimize line downtime.

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Simplimatic utilizes a network of direct sales personnel, manufacturers, representatives, and integrators, depending on your industry. Simplimatic’s corporate office is located in Central Virginia and operates on Eastern Standard Time (EST/GMT – 05:00).