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Simplimatic Automation’s design philosophies have been highly regarded by the electronics industry since 1988, before the proliferation of surface-mount technology (SMT). We have tested countless belt types, frame designs, and electronic components to provide SMT and through-hole technology (THT) manufacturers with the most reliable and best performing material handling and automation equipment on the market today. We provide equipment such as automated conveyor systems, material handling equipment, and custom automation products to printed circuit board (PCB) fabricators, manufacturers, and assemblers.

Simplimatic has the largest installation base of any electronics conveyor supplier and has thousands of machines operating in some of the world’s most demanding electronics assembly, testing, and R&D environments.

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Simplimatic’s line of Cimtrak® conveyor systems are world renowned for their ability to transport sensitive printed circuit boards (PCBs) between manufacturing processes. Simplimatic’s flexible, modular systems can be easily added to an existing line layout, or can be used as the framework to design a new SMT conveyor line. Each piece can be customized to best suit customers’ unique manufacturing needs. Known for their reliability and longevity, Cimtrak® conveyor products have an average life span of over 15 years.  See the product listing below to learn more about Simplimatic’s trusted electronics’ conveyor products.

Simplimatic Automation designs, builds, and integrates custom robotic solutions including ISO class 7 clean room compliant (FED STD 209E 10,000 equivalent) certified robotic automation for electronics manufacturing services (EMS) customers across the globe. As a member of the FANUC© Robotics America Corporations’ distribution network, Simplimatic has the tools and relationships necessary to automate even the most unique printed circuit board (PCB) fabrication, manufacturing, packaging, and assembly processes. Simplimatic specializes in the design, integration, assembly, and software support of robotic cells for both in-line and independent operation. Like the hundreds of unique customers that we serve, each robotic automation solution is custom tailored for a specific application and function.

  • Simplimatic® Automated Mobile Robots (AMR)

  • Simplimatic® Custom Automation Cell

  • Simplimatic® Robotic Assembly Cell

  • Simplimatic® Robotic Fluid Dispensing Cell

  • Simplimatic® Robotic Palletizer

  • Simplimatic® Robotic Screwdriving Cell

  • Simplimatic® SCARA Assembly Cell

Simplimatic Automation - Engineering Services

Simplimatic provides electronics customers with complete access to a team of mechanical, electrical, and system integration engineers. These engineers use their expertise to provide the optimal solution of material handling and automation equipment for a large array of printed circuit board (PCB) fabrication, manufacturing, and assembly processes. Each engineering goal is to achieve maximum line efficiency, ensure maximum line up-time, optimize the cost/benefit ratio, and deliver superior long-term service and support.

Each piece of Simplimatic machinery is offered with optional installation packages for customers around the globe. Simplimatic’s electronics’ field service engineers travel to each facility to integrate Cimtrak® machinery while simultaneously offering customers the knowledge and training needed to operate the equipment optimally to maximize throughput and minimize line downtime.

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