Simplimatic® Automated Mobile Robots (AMR)

The future of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and automated mobile robots (AMRs) is expanding rapidly, and many unique industries are beginning to see the potential of this mobile robotic platform.

Simplimatic Automation is an integrator of MiR (Mobile Industrial Robots) and can supply customers with a mobile platform and advanced collaborative robotics to automate nearly any manual task.  An AMR from Simplimatic can serve many functions for manufacturers and can be equipped with custom end-of-arm tooling (end effectors) to aid in tasks such as screw driving, picking and placing, adhering, sorting, and more. AMRs can perform similar tasks at multiple locations on a line utilizing just a single robot, maximizing return on investment and minimizing initial automation costs. AMRs use cameras, laser-based navigation systems, and collaborative robotics to operate around already-existing features, including plant personnel in a manufacturing environment.

Simplimatic Automation can integrate the complete line of Autonomous Guided Vehicles from Mobile Industrial Robots, including the MiR100™, MiRHook100™, MiR200™, MiRHook200™ and the new MiR500™

Each automated mobile robot Simplimatic sells is custom built and is as unique as the customers Simplimatic serves. Please contact Simplimatic for additional information on these products.

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AGVs from MiR® can be integrated by Simplimatic to work in tandem with a customer’s already established processes. Utilizing Fleet software, these robots can work collaboratively with other robots and humans in the following industries:

  • Medical Device Manufacturing
  • Electronics Assembly
  • Consumer Good Packaging
  • Pharmaceutical Order Fulfillment
  • Optical Lens Packaging
  • Packaged Food Handling
  • Consumer Appliance Assembly
  • Automotive Part Assembly
  • Solar Panel Assembly

These mobile robots can also be paired with other material handling and robotic automation from Simplimatic to create a seamless manufacturing process.

Please contact a member of the Simplimatic sales team in the event you have any specific product questions or if you require an NDA before disclosing any project information.

Additional information

Standard Specifications

MiR100™ – for smaller transport tasks.
Payload, 200 kg (maximum 5% incline), Hook towing capacity 500 kg
Max Speed, forwards: 1.1 m/s (5.4 km/h) / backwards: 0.3 m/s (1 km/h)
Battery Life, 10 hours or 15 km
Position Accuracy, +/-50 mm of position, +/-10 mm to docking marker

MiR200™ – for larger transport tasks
Payload, 100 kg (maximum 5% incline), Hook towing capacity 300 kg
Max Speed, forwards: 1.5 m/s (5.4 km/h) / backwards: 0.3 m/s (1 km/h)
Battery Life, 10 hours or 20 km
Position Accuracy, +/-50 mm of position, +/-10 mm to docking marker

MiR500™ – for transportation of heavy loads on pallets
Payload, 500 kg (maximum 5% incline)
Max Speed, forwards: 2 m/s (5.4 km/h) / backwards: 0.3 m/s (1 km/h)
Battery Life, 8 hours

Additional Benefits

Additional Benefits;
• Fleet Software to manage multiple MiR® units
• Simple integration available from Simplimatic
• Works collaboratively with human coworkers without the need for guide wires
• SICK Microscan3 safety system (2 psc.) 360° visual protection around robot
• 3D camera (2 psc.) Detection of objects ahead 30-2,000 mm above floor