Optitrak™ Twin Strand Conveyor

This dual-strand version of Simplimatic’s Optitrak™ conveyor allows for maximum tray stability and tight 90° turns. Its compact design and unique pop-up conveyor transfer devices allow trays to be diverted or recombined over a very short distance. RFID readers, bladder stops, pneumatic pushers, and other devices can also be easily added to the system.

Simplimatic’s line of Optitrak™ products are designed to carefully handle a variety of ophthalmic products such as optical trays filled with eyeglasses, lenses, and other eye care items.  Each Optitrak™ product can be integrated with Simplimatic’s Simpli-Flex® table-top conveyor for a more complete final packaging and shipment line.  Optitrak™ products can also be integrated within a customer’s pre-existing line layout to suite a variety of optical factory and warehouse environments.

Optitrak™ product components include:

  • Rugged Frame Design – Optitrak™ products are constructed using strong 6063-T6 extruded aluminum
  • Compatible – Can easily be paired with Simplimatic’s Simpli-Flex® conveyor
  • Customizable – Curing time, tray size compatibility, and other features can be customized based on customer need

For additional product information, or to order Simplimatic’s Optitrak™ Twin Strand Conveyor, request a quote.

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Optitrak Twin Strand Conveyors provide stable and reliable material handling for optical manufacturers around the globe | Typical applications include: Conveying optical products by product edges

Additional information

Available Options

• Painted or stainless steel
• Conveyor can divert product or recombine based on application
• Accessories can easily be added such as RFID readers, bladder stops, pneumatic pushers, and other devices

Additional Benefits

• Robust system frame components provide maximum product stability at all points in production
• Compact design allows for valuable buffering time with minimal footprint
• Backed by worldwide service and support from Simplimatic Automation
• Designed and built in the USA