Simplimatic® Painted Steel Mat Top Conveyor

Simplimatic® Painted Steel Mat Top Conveyor is constructed from mild steel and provides customers with a long-lasting bulk material handling solution. Simplimatic® Painted Steel Mat Top Conveyor is designed and built in the USA and has been used throughout many manufacturing, assembly, and packaging processes.

Simplimatic conveyor systems are designed to provide customers with an easy-to-integrate Mat Top conveyor solution. Simplimatic’s Painted Steel Mat Top conveyor features:

  • Reliability – American-made design, assembly, and support to ensure long-lasting equipment performance
  • Standardized – Ceiling-hung or floor-mounted installation
  • Affordability – Low-cost, high-performance modular product guide system for line flexibility
  • Multiple chain varieties – Simplimatic® Mat Top Conveyor Systems are offered with solid top, high friction, perforated top, and low backpressure mat top chain
  • Heavy-duty drive and idle assemblies – Simplimatic pairs the mat top conveyor systems with drive options including Direct Drive, Transmission Drive, Power-transfer Drive, and Dynamic Curve Drive

Simplimatic has built the framework necessary to ensure lifetime spares, service, and support are available for all Simplimatic products installed around the globe. Contact Simplimatic today for more information on Simplimatic’s Mat Top Conveyor systems or to request a quote.

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Simplimatic® Painted Steel conveyor is typically utilized by industries that require a heavy-duty frame and chain/belt to accommodate significant line back pressure | Typical industry applications include the conveying of personal care products, pharmaceutical products, chemical products, automotive products, machined parts, packaged food products, beverages, electronics, and optical products.

Additional information

Available Options

• Each aspect of Simplimatic® Painted Steel Mat Top Conveyor can be customized to fit customer requirements
• Multiple drive options to suit a variety of loads and environments
• Several chain options available including solid top, high friction, low backpressure, and perforated top
• Compatible with Intralox®, Rexnord®, Habasit®, and Uni® Mat Top chains
• Simplimatic's Mat Top conveyor is available in 6’’, 12’’, 18’’, 24’’, 30’’, and other custom belt widths

Additional Benefits

• Heavy-duty frame and chain/belt to accommodate significant line back-pressure
• Each elbow, incline, and straight are made up of dozens of sub-assemblies which are meticulously designed to meet specific manufacturing requirements
• Backed by worldwide service and support from Simplimatic Automation
• Designed and built in the USA