Simpli-Flex® HD Side Gripping Conveyor

Simpli-Flex® HD Side Gripping Conveyor gently elevates or lowers pucks or packaged products. This elevator/lowerator can be customized to a customer-specified elevation for discharge depending on facility and line requirements. Built with strong 6063-T6 extruded aluminum, and available in stainless steel sanitary configurations, the Simpli-Flex® HD side gripping conveyor provides users with a simple and reliable material handling solution for elevation changes in a manufacturing environment.

The system is available in both elevator and lowerator configurations in order to lower elevated products.

If using this product as an elevator, products are presented to an in-feed idle assembly and are captured with gripper chain. The products are then securely handled and raised to a higher elevation where they are then released at the drive assembly directly onto a discharge section of conveyor. If using this product as a lowerator, products are captured with the gripper chain and carefully lowered to a customer-specified elevation before being fed onto an attached conveyor.

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Simplimatic’s HD Side Gripping Conveyor gently elevates or lowers products from a wide range of elevations and discharges them at the customer’s determined height | Typical applications include: Elevation changes of products, buffering products, adding cycle time for pasteurization cool-down processes, and accommodating tighter manufacturing spaces by elevating product to an additional raised conveyor

Additional information

Available Options

• Completely modified in-feed and discharge elevations available
• Pre-engineered components makes Simpli-Flex® a very versatile conveyor system, allowing the greatest amount of layout capability achieved with the least amount of component variation
• System uses powerful end-direct drives
• Tooled width adjust or hand-crank width adjust with a wheel and radial indicator available

Additional Benefits

• Utilizes structurally rigid, clear anodized aluminum extrusion
• T-slots allow for the fastening of standard brackets or any other required attachments
• Powder-coated painted parts for extended life
• Adjustable height-leveling feet
• Unit is pre-assembled and ready to install
• Optional Lexan covers
• Simple in-feed and discharge conveyor mounting
• Optional variable-frequency drive available
• Backed by worldwide service and support from Simplimatic Automation
• Designed and built in the USA