Simpli-Flex® Pasteurizer

The Simpli-Flex® Pasteurizer is a combo unit combining Simpli-Flex® HD Side Gripping Conveyor elevator and lowerator. The system gently elevates and lowers beverages at a customer-specified rate. This system is used to add line cycle time to account for the interval needed to pasteurize the product’s lid. Before entering the pasteurizer, the beverage is super-heated and when is is raised and lowered the beverage’s super-heated liquid pasteurizes the lid on contact.

This machine features stainless steel construction and the Simpli-Flex® Pasteurizer provides users with a simple and reliable material handling solution.

Beverages are presented to an in-feed idle assembly and are captured with gripper chain. The products are then securely handled and raised to a higher elevation and then lowered back down onto a discharge section of conveyor.

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Simplimatic’s Simpli-Flex® Pasteurizer elevates products from a wide range of in-feed elevations and discharges them at the customer’s determined height | Adds cycle time for pasteurization and cool-down processes

Additional information

Available Options

• Completely modified in-feed and discharge elevations available
• Pre-engineered components makes Simpli-Flex® a very versatile conveyor system, allowing the greatest amount of layout capability achieved with the least amount of component variation
• System uses powerful end-direct drives
• Tooled width adjust or hand-crank width adjust with a wheel and radial indicator available

Additional Benefits

• Utilizes structurally rigid, clear anodized aluminum extrusion
• T-slots allow for the fastening of standard brackets or any other required attachments
• Powder-coated painted parts for extended life
• Adjustable height-leveling feet
• Unit is pre-assembled and ready to install
• Optional Lexan covers
• Simple in-feed and discharge conveyor mounting
• Optional variable-frequency drive available
• Backed by worldwide service and support from Simplimatic Automation
• Designed and built in the USA