Simplimatic® Case Elevator

The Simplimatic® Continuous Flow Case Elevator/Lowerator provides a means of raising or lowering heavy or large payloads between conveyors at different elevations.

The Continuous Flow Elevator is a great choice if floor space or budgets do not allow for the installation of a traditional Simplimatic® Spiral Elevator or other spiral conveyor systems.

Due to its relatively high speed, large payload capacity and full-bottom support of the product, the Continuous Flow Elevator is commonly used to convey food and beverage cases, bagged products, trays, totes, and other goods with a similar form factor.

Continuous Flow Elevators will free up floor space in case palletizing lines, logistics and warehousing, or in work-in-process storage applications by transferring product to an overhead conveyor section. Elevators are also a great way to create aisleways, clearance for forklifts, or to transfer product between floors.


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The standard configuration will convey 20-30 lb cases at a rate of 20-25 cases/minute.

Elevation changes of 20 feet or more are common, though payload capacity and overall size of the elevator/lowerator can be customized as needed.

Additional information

Available Options

Extruded Aluminum Frame, Optional Stainless Steel Construction, Custom infeed and discharge heights available

Additional Benefits

• Backed by worldwide service and support from Simplimatic Automation
• Designed and built in the USA