Simplimatic® Custom Automation Cell

Simplimatic manufactures custom automation systems designed to automate the assembly and manufacture of goods within diverse industries across the globe. Simplimatic’s automation systems are actively used in a variety of manufacturing and assembly operations, including primary, secondary and tertiary packaging processes. When beginning each custom automation project, Simplimatic analyzes the customer’s unique manufacturing, assembly, or packaging requirements and matches those processes with the appropriate tools, sensors, and end effectors to accomplish the task.

Simplimatic utilizes a mixture of in-house conveyors, custom controls, tools, sensors, and other accessories from vendors such as:

  • Festo®
  • SMC®
  • Banner®
  • AC Tech®
  • Sick®
  • Turck®
  • Rockwell Automation®
  • Siemens®
  • Keyence®
  • Pepprl+Fuchs®
  • Cognex®

These hard automation solutions are entirely custom and built to solve the complex manufacturing challenges Simplimatic customers face. To learn more about these systems, or to request an NDA please click on the links below.

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Simplimatic’s custom assembly and manufacturing cells can work in tandem with a customer’s already established line or can operate as a stand alone, fully-functioning system. These custom systems can vary greatly from customer to customer and are can be utilized within the following situations:

  • Medical Device Manufacturing
  • Electronics Assembly
  • Consumer Good Packaging
  • Pharmaceutical Order Fulfillment
  • Optical Lens Packaging
  • Packaged Food Handling
  • Consumer Appliance Assembly
  • Automotive Part Assembly
  • Solar Panel Assembly

These custom automation systems can also be paired with other material handling and robotic automation from Simplimatic to create a seamless manufacturing line.

The vast majority of these systems are built with customers who require non-disclosure agreements. As a result, the amount of public information available on previous systems built is limited. Please contact a member of the Simplimatic sales team if you have any specific product questions or if you require an NDA before disclosing any project information.

Additional information

Available Options

Simplimatic has the ability to customize each industrial automation system using a large variety of tools such as:
• Vision systems to locate product, perform inspections, and more
• High-quality programming systems to allow each system to handle multiple products and error recovery scenarios
• Custom controls, such as sensors, to promote safety and accurate run tracking within the cell
• In-feed and discharge conveyor systems
• Other custom I/O devices can be integrated with the system to offer the most user-friendly operating system

Additional Benefits

Additional Benefits;
• Rapid assembly of an intricate product
• Maximum throughput
• Minimized labor costs
• Reliability and speed
• Backed by worldwide service and support from Simplimatic Automation
• Design and built in the USA