Simplimatic® Robotic Lens Handling System

Simplimatic’s line of Optitrak® and Simpli-Flex® material handling products help optical manufacturers simplify complex manufacturing challenges.  To ensure optical customers consistently remain on the cutting edge, Simplimatic has expanded its robotic automation products to serve the optical industry.

The new Simplimatic® Lens Handling System can accommodate over 600 different SKUs (9000 lenses) and can pull product at a rate of over 420 pieces per hour.  This robotic system rapidly reads the tray’s SKUs, picks the correct lenses or cased glasses, and conveys and stacks the pulled goods on Simpli-Flex® Tabletop Conveyor with an Optitrak™ Tray Stacker for further downline processing or packaging.

To ensure each piece of equipment functions as a unit, the Simplimatic team used the highest-quality custom controls, custom end-of-arm tooling (end effectors), and system programming to seamlessly engineer the system to pick and deliver the lenses gently.

Each robotic lens handling system is custom tailored to each unique Simplimatic customer.

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This system utilizes a variety of Simplimatic products including Simpli-Flex® 83mm tabletop conveyor, Optitrak® Tray Stackers, as well as multi-axis robotics from Fanuc®. The robot selected for this system is dependent on the reach and payload required by the customer. Other components including machine vision, end-of-arm-tooling, and other sensors are selected by the Simplimatic team based on project objectives.

The vast majority of these systems are built with customers that require Non-disclosure agreements. As a result the amount of public information available on previous systems built is limited. Please contact a member of the Simplimatic sales team in the event you have any specific product questions or if you require an NDA before disclosing any project information.

Additional information

Available Options

Simplimatic has the ability to customize each industrial automation system using a large variety of tools such as:
• Vision systems to locate product, perform inspections, and more
• High-quality programming systems to allow each system to handle multiple products and error recovery scenarios
• Custom controls, such as sensors, to promote safety and accurate run tracking within the cell
• Custom end-of-arm tooling (end effectors) to handle a large array of products with varying widths, heights, and weights
• In-feed and discharge conveyor systems
• Other custom I/O devices can be integrated with the system to offer the most user-friendly operating system

Additional Benefits

Additional Benefits;
• Rapid picking and placing of delicate optical lenses
• Maximum throughput
• Minimized labor costs
• Reliability and speed
• Backed by worldwide service and support from Simplimatic Automation
• Design and built in the USA