Simplimatic® Modular Robot Cell

Designed as a simple solution to add robotics to a manufacturing line, the Simplimatic® Modular Robotic Cell is a mounting stand for a variety of robotic systems. The cell was designed to provide ample workroom for both the robot, necessary end-effectors, ancillary cabling, controls, and other system-critical umbilical components.

Equipped with standard integrated mounting for multi-axis FANUC® systems, this modular cell can also be retrofitted to accommodate other brands and types of robotics including SCARA, delta, and collaborative style robots. Built with a durable mild steel, the frame of this robotic cell can be easily outfitted with external HMIs, tool changers, machine vision, and many other types of line and robotic controls.

This cell is also compatible with Cimtrak® edge belt conveyor, Simpli-Flex® tabletop conveyor, Simplimatic® mat-top conveyor, and other third-party conveyor systems to ensure a steady stream of material is fed into the robotic cell.

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Designed to provide an easy-to-integrate cell for FANUC® and other multi-axis robots to be mounted and integrated within a manufacturing line | Can be used alone or in a series to handle many multi-step or repetitive tasks | Mild steel construction | Standard mounting holes for FANUC® and other robots | Enclosed housing for robotic controls and PLC | Integrated power supply storage | Available with integrated Cimtrak® or Simpli-Flex® conveyor

Additional information

Available Options

• Custom end of arm tooling (EoAT)
• Integrated vision
• Floor or caster mount
• Custom frame color
• Available with or without robotics

Additional Benefits

• Backed by worldwide service and support from Simplimatic Automation
• Designed and built in the USA