Simplimatic® Rotary Puck Inserter

The Simplimatic® Rotary Puck Inserter automatically inserts containers into pucks at a rate of up to 300 units per minute. Changeover parts are easily removed and replaced to make transitions between production runs more efficient. The unit is a continuous rotary motion machine which gently inserts containers into pucks.

Pucks enter an in-feed star wheel and are transferred to the main turret star wheel where inserters delicately place the product into the puck. The puck and product are then tranferred onto a discharge conveyor using the star wheel.

Each Simplimatic system is custom-tailored to ensure the perfect fit in a large variety of production lines. Simplimatic’s team designs to suit various puck size and shape, various line configurations and speeds, and more. Each piece of puck-handling equipment is tailored to ensure maximum line speed, and minimum line downtime is met.

Simplimatic’s puck-handling equipment is:

  • The Perfect Fit – This custom engineered solution can designed to handle nearly any puck size or shape
  • Customizable – Offered with custom controls, software programming, accessories, and features to ensure each product perfectly serves every unique customer need
  • Rugged – Constructed with the highest-quality stainless steel to ensure long-lasting service

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The Simplimatic® Rotary Puck Inserter is designed to automatically insert containers into pucks during the filling or manufacturing process. The system maintains container stability throughout the insertion process and can be programmed to operate at variable speeds. This versatile system is easy to set-up and line changeover is simple making it an ideal solution for both long and short production runs.

Additional information

Available Options

• Minimum tool changeover using Quick Release System
• NEMA 12 controls console conveniently positioned at operator level in a 6 inches monochrome touchscreen HMI. All necessary electrical controls are provided, including start/stop buttons, front and rear emergency stop push buttons and inserter jog
• 24VDC controls featuring Allen-Bradley PLC, VFD's and HMI
• 480 V, 3-phase power required

Additional Benefits

• 304 Stainless steel tubular frame with stainless steel shrouds, anodized aluminum parts, plastic parts, and adjustable stainless steel leveling legs
• Interlocked Lexan guarding
• Capable of up to 150 bottles per minute
• Motor overload protection
• Three-tier light tower with audible alarm
• Stainless steel, Lexan enclosure with multi-door access, and electrical safety interlocks
• Backed by worldwide service and support from Simplimatic Automation
• Designed and built in the USA