Simplimatic® Robotic Screwdriving Cell

Simplimatic Automation designs, manufactures, and integrates a variety of custom robotic automation systems, including our automated robot screw driving cell. This modular robotic cell provides manufacturers with a simple in-line solution to automate the repetitive screw driving process in assembly and manufacturing typically performed by hand or via non-reconfigurable hard automation.

Designed to work independently or with other similarly programmed units, this modular robotic cell utilizes a multi-axis robot to position and screw components together during an automated manufacturing process. Parts are typically fed into the unit via mat-top or table-top conveyor in order to provide a stable work platform for the robot.

Simplimatic has utilized the following robots for this application:
  • Fanuc LR Mate 200iC
  • Fanuc CR-7iA
  • Fanuc CR-4iA
  • Other Multi-Axis Robots

This multi-axis screw driving robot supports multiple recipe types to easily accommodate multiple SKUs on a production line.

For more information on screw driving robots, contact the Simplimatic sales team today.

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Simplimatic’s Robotic Screwdriving system easily automates the assembly process of multi-part components during manufacturing. This system utilizes custom end-of-arm tooling (end effectors) to pick and place individual components and fix them together using metallic, plastic, and composite fasteners.

This intricate system improves production quality and line reliability while simultaneously increasing production throughput.

Simplimatic’s material handling and automation products help customers create a seamlessly-running manufacturing line. Depending on project requirements, the Simplimatic® screw driving cell can utilize either fixed-position screw driving, or vision-guided screw driving. The application method depends greatly on product geometry or screw driving complexity.

Additional information

Available Options

Simplimatic has the ability to customize each robotic cell using a large variety of tools such as:
• Vision systems to locate product, inspect, and more
• High-quality programming systems to allow each system to handle multiple products and error recovery scenarios
• Custom controls, such as sensors, to promote safety and accurate run tracking within the cell
• Robotics can be paired with any Simplimatic equipment such as in-feed and discharge conveyor systems
• Other custom I/O devices can be integrated with the system to offer the most user-friendly operating system

Additional Benefits

• Rapid assembly of an intricate product
• Maximum throughput
• Minimized labor costs
• Reliability and speed
• Increased product quality
• Minimized line downtime
• Backed by worldwide service and support from Simplimatic Automation
• Design and built in the USA