Simplimatic® Robotic Tray Loader/Unloader

As an authorized system integrator for Fanuc® and other robotic manufacturers, Simplimatic has the relationships and experience necessary to design and integrate the ideal tray loading or unloading setup for nearly any application. Simplimatic designs, manufactures, and integrates custom end-of-line robotic tray unloaders for customers around the globe.

Customers choose to buy tray unloaders from Simplimatic Automation in order to get away from the “one size fits most” approach taken by other suppliers when unloading goods onto a line. Every robotic system that Simplimatic supplies takes into account our customer’s desired speed, service life, payload, reach, repeatability, and affordability to guarantee implementation success.

Simplimatic’s robotic tray unloaders are used in the:
  • Personal healthcare industry
  • Medical device industry
  • Defense industry
  • And many more

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Simplimatic® Robotic Tray Loading & Unloading Systems typically unload 1 to 2 trays simultaneously, but custom systems have been developed to unload more than 3 trays at a time. Simplimatic supplies tray unloaders in both conventional multi-axis as well as force-limiting collaborative varieties with payload ranges from .5 kg up to 200 kg depending on project need.

All Simplimatic robotic tray unloaders are available with custom recipes to allow a single cell to handle multiple tray types when used with standard end-of-arm tooling.

Both off-the-shelf and custom end-effectors such as vacuum cup grippers, pneumatically-controlled grippers, and servo-driven grippers are available to customers depending on product type and tray unloading preference.

Simplimatic robotic systems are easily integrated with both new or existing material handling lines and other production setups.

Additional information

Available Options

Simplimatic has the ability to customize each robotic cell using a large variety of tools such as:
• Vision systems to locate product, read product data, and more
• High-quality programming systems to allow each system to handle multiple products and error recovery scenarios
• Custom controls, such as sensors, to promote safety and accurate run tracking within the cell
• Custom end-of-arm tooling (end effectors) including vaccuum cup grippers, pneumatically-controlled grippers, and servo-driven grippers
• Robotics can be paired with any Simplimatic equipment such as in-feed and discharge conveyor systems
• Other custom I/O devices can be integrated with the system to offer the most user-friendly operating system

Additional Benefits

• Rapid and reliable tray unloading of a large variety of products
• Automation of a repetitive task
• Utilization of a robot with a long service life, payload capacity, reach, and repeatability
• More than 20 error recovery scenarios customized for each customer situation and environment
• Maximum throughput
• Minimized labor costs
• Reliability and speed
• Backed by worldwide service and support from Simplimatic Automation
• Design and built in the USA