Simplimatic® SCARA Assembly Cell

Along with multi-axis and mobile robots, Simplimatic programs, integrates, and installs FANUC® Selective Compliant Assembly (or Articulated) Robot Arms (SCARA).

The FANUC® SR-3iA and SR-6iA SCARA robots are both ultra compact systems that provide a 360° working envelope. Scara robotics integrated by Simplimatic Automation hold many advantages over larger multi-axis robotics due to higher precision, higher operational speed, and relatively economical price tag.

Scara robots have very flexible movement on a horizontal plane and, because of this range of motion, they can be used very effectively for rapid pick and place operations. They can be used as standalone automation solutions, or as part of a custom Simplimatic automation system which can include a variety of conveyor, custom controls and sensors, and more.

Simplimatic designs, manufactures, and integrates custom robotic assembly and manufacturing systems to automate repetitive, unskilled, or dangerous tasks utilized in manufacturing. SCARA robotic systems integrated by Simplimatic are used to automate the production of various goods across a wide array of industries.

For more information on developing a custom robotic automation cell for your manufacturing process, contact the Simplimatic sales team today.

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The lineup of SCARA robots from FANUC® provides Simplimatic Automation customers with a highly-precise (± 0.01mm) and high-speed robotic solution.  The SR-3iA/SR-6iA SCARA robots that Simplimatic integrates are ideal for high-speed, precision applications such as assembly, pick and place, testing/inspection and for packaging processes. Scara robotics integrated by Simplimatic Automation are available in two standard configurations.


3 KG Payload

400 mm Reach

200 mm Stroke

6 KG Payload

650 mm Reach

210 mm Stroke


For additional information on this product or the FANUC® R-30iB Compact Plus Controller please contact a member of the Simplimatic Automation sales team using the links above.

Additional information

Available Options

Simplimatic has the ability to customize each robotic cell using a large variety of tools such as:
• Vision systems to locate product, read product data, and more
• High-quality programming systems
• Custom controls, such as sensors, to promote safety and accurate run tracking within the cell
• Custom end-of-arm tooling (end effectors) including vaccuum cup grippers, pneumatically-controlled grippers, and servo-driven grippers
• Robotics can be paired with any Simplimatic equipment such as in-feed and discharge conveyor systems
• Other custom I/O devices can be integrated with the system to offer the most user-friendly operating system

Additional Benefits

• Automation of a lightweight repetitive task
• Utilization of a robot with a long service life, payload capacity, reach, and repeatability
• Robot is lightweight and has a small footprint
• Extremely rapid and accurate pick and place
• Energy-efficient and affordable
• Maximum throughput
• Minimized labor costs
• Reliability and speed
• Backed by worldwide service and support from Simplimatic Automation