Simplimatic® Visual Inspection Cell

Simplimatic Automation designs, manufactures, and integrates a variety of custom robotic automation systems, including our automated visual inspection cell. This highly custom modular robotic cell provides manufacturers with an in-line solution to visually inspect, trace, and otherwise read and verify product data.

This robotic system utilizes one or more multi-axis robots and cameras mounted both to the robotic head and to the system frame to read, verify, and communicate findings to other down-line or offline processes. The system can utilize vision systems from Fanuc®, Cognex®, Basler®, Microscan®, and other customer-specified machine vision vendors.

Simplimatic can utilize the following robots for this application:
  • Fanuc LR Mate 200iC
  • Fanuc CR-7iA
  • Fanuc CR-4iA
  • Other Multi-Axis Robots

This multi-axis visual inspection system can support multiple recipe types allowing manufacturers to easily accommodate multiple SKUs on a production line.

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Simplimatic’s Robotic Visual Inspection system easily reads and verifies numerical and alphanumeric data printed on a variety of metal, plastic, and composite materials. This system is highly custom and is most often built to meet customers’ specifications.

Depending on project requirements, the Simplimatic® visual inspection cell can utilize either fixed-position cameras, or a custom end-of-arm camera system to read data. Camera type, mounting position, and inspection process are custom designed based on project specifications.

This robotic cell is also available with multiple conveyor discharge configurations in the event the cell will be used to sort good/bad product.

Additional information

Available Options

Each robotic system can be paired with Simplimatic’s trusted material handling systems, controls, and vision components, such as:
• Simplimatic in-feed and discharge conveyor systems
• Elevators and buffering systems
• Laser markers and inverters
• Puck-handling equipment
• A variety of sensors to locate product or interact with light curtains

Additional Benefits

• Vast number of programmed customer recipes to allow for multiple product manufacturing
• Compatibility with other Simplimatic systems
• Rapid change tooling and product assembly
• Maximum reliability
• Minimized labor costs
• Decreased risk of exposure to toxic manufacturing elements
• Backed by worldwide service and support from Simplimatic Automation
• Design and built in the USA