Project Detail

Simplimatic designed, manufactured, and integrated Simplimatic® Beverage Conveyor, single-filers, recombiners, and custom controls for a global beverage manufacturer for utilization in several bottling facilities located in the U.S.  Simplimatic’s conveyor, programming, and custom controls were engineered and integrated to aid in the customer’s rapid product line expansion of a popular sparkling water product.

Our standard quality construction

Simplimatic was founded in 1965 as a business that specialized in the design and manufacture of conveyor and automation systems for the bottling industry. Since then, Simplimatic has become a trusted industry leader in automation and material handling equipment for beverage companies across the globe. Simplimatic is committed to developing smart and simple solutions to help solve complex challenges and is dedicated to the on-time delivery of quality products at a competitive price, backed by the best customer support in the industry.

  • After integration within the customer’s facility, the system will:
    • Reliably provides bulk conveying for aluminum cans
    • Increased throughput
    • Eliminates line downtime
    • Features user-friendly controls
    • Features optional system integration and customer system training
    • Features 24/7 Simplimatic service and support

Client : Global Beverage Manufacturer

Location : USA

Completed : October 1, 2016


Simplimatic created a beverage line to assist the customer in meeting growing demand for their newest beverage product. Simplimatic designed, manufactured, and integrated the beverage material handling system consisting of Simplimatic® Beverage Conveyor, single-filers, recombiners, and custom controls. The system will be used to bulk convey 12 oz. recyclable aluminum cans on the filling line.

The project works to convey a large amount of product reliably over a variety of conveyor straights and curves, while also accounting for accumulation needs of the aluminum cans. The bulk conveyor will primarily be used to handle aluminum cans which require a heavy-duty frame and chain/belt to accommodate significant line back-pressure.

Simplimatic’s line of stainless steel beverage conveyor is completely able to be customized and is designed to the exacting integration needs of each individual customer.

The Challenges

When designing beverage manufacturing and material handling systems, Simplimatic worked to provide rapid throughput, while also taking into account the large combined weight of the beverage cans. Simplimatic successfully handled the product, while improving run times by utilizing the trusted Simplimatic® Beverage Conveyor.

Becoming a provider of material handling and automation products for the beverage industry can often be a tricky task, but through Simplimatic’s continued hard work and dedication during this project Simplimatic is once again a top provider for the beverage industry.

Project Goals

The goals for the system included expanding a popular beverage line using Simplimatic’s reliable bulk tabletop beverage conveying equipment. An additional goal included the assurance of product integrity by closely regulating conveyor speed to achieve long-term efficiency.