Project Detail

Simplimatic designed and assembled a complete prescription filling line utilizing 75 pill dispenser modules for a pharmaceutical company. The beds were integrated to work seamlessly with the customer’s current electrical and pneumatic controls and RFID readers to quickly and accurately fill thousands of prescriptions per hour. Each bed is equipped with 20 (2.7”) Simpli-Mat™ mat top conveyor with integrated stops, controls, sensors, and vision to provide a scalable line solution for vial filling.

Our standard quality construction

For over 50 years the Simplimatic brand has been synonymous with quality and longevity throughout the manufacturing and packaging sectors. Simplimatic provides conveyor systems, robotics, and custom factory automation for a variety of manufacturing, assembly, and packaging operations worldwide. Simplimatic is committed to developing smart and simple solutions to solve complex challenges. Simplimatic is also dedicated to the on-time delivery of quality products at a competitive price and is backed by the best customer support in the industry.


Client : Global Mail-order Pharmaceutical Supplier

Location : USA

Completed : April 2016


Simplimatic® Modular Pill Dispensing Beds provide prescription fulfillment centers, large volume pharmacies, and dispensaries with an easy-to-implement production solution for large volume vial and prescription filling. Each bed has 20 lanes and is designed to be connected in a series for scalable vial filling.

The customer’s large pharmaceutical order included 18 modular pill dispenser beds.  Although the order did not require complex automation or advanced engineering, it was composed of hundreds of intricate parts requiring critical attention to detail. The beds include 75 modules and 1,500 different lanes for pill dispensing. The beds needed to be easily integrated to work smoothly with the customer’s current electrical and pneumatic controls and RFID readers.

The Challenges

To provide a custom pill-dispensing solution the Simplimatic team engineered a modular design for the beds to allow for unlimited scalability. Simplimatic also integrated custom controls and sensors designed to handle sensitive pharmaceuticals with ease. Each piece of the project was mounted securely to Simplimatic’s trusted, foudational Simpli-Flex® conveyor for maximum efficiency and reliability.

The 18 pill dispenser beds were comprised of many modules and lanes with intricate parts which required a critical eye for detail. The Simplimatic team worked together to provide the customer with the most reliable, best-performing, custom material handling and production solution.

Project Goals

The pill dispenser beds were assembled to improve production throughput, decrease filling mistakes, and provide a reliable material handling system for years to come.

After integration within the customer’s facility, the pill dispenser beds:

  • Expedite the mass production of pharmaceuticals
  • Provide simple line scalability
  • Improved production throughput
  • Minimized potential prescription mistakes
  • Minimize line downtime
  • Streamlined bulk order prescription fulfillment

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