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Simplimatic designed, manufactured, and integrated Simplimatic Optitrak® ophthalmic equipment for a supplier of high-end eyecare products such as eyeglasses and contacts. Simplimatic’s equipment served to carefully convey the products, buffer, and create an aisle way in the manufacturing line.

Our standard quality construction

Simplimatic was founded in 1965 as a business that specialized in the design and manufacture of conveyor and automation systems. Since then, Simplimatic has supplied ophthalmic equipment built to convey and automate the manufacture of eyeglasses, lenses, and other eye care items. Simplimatic is committed to developing smart and simple solutions to help solve complex challenges and is dedicated to the on-time delivery of quality products at a competitive price, backed by the best customer support in the industry.

  • After integration within the customer’s facility, the system will:
    • Reliably transport and automate the handling of eyeglass lenses and contacts
    • Increase throughput
    • Eliminate line downtime
    • Feature user-friendly controls
    • Feature optional system integration and customer system training
    • Feature 24/7 Simplimatic service and support

Client : Global Optical Manufacturer

Location : USA

Completed : October 1, 2016


Simplimatic supplies highly-precise material handling, automation, and robotics for optical labs across the world. This project required careful planning to integrate Simplimatic’s equipment with the customer’s current line layout and machinery. Simplimatic supplied the customer with Simpli-Flex® 83 conveyor to carefully transport trays of eyeglass lenses and contacts. In addition, Simplimatic integrated a Simpli-Flex® Side-Shuttle to divert trays of product between two perpendicular lines.

The line was also integrated with an Optitrak™ Tray Elevator and an Optitrak™ Tray Lowerator pair to elevate the conveyor line and create an aisle way. At the end of the line was an Optitrak™ Tray Stacker/Destacker. This product works to stack five stacks of ten trays and allows operators to efficiently remove the product at the end of the manufacturing line. Each automation and material handling system was integrated easily within the customer’s current line.

The Challenges

The customer was seeking to create an aisle way in their line which required elevating products to an overhead conveyor and lowering them back to the original conveyor line. To solve this problem, Simplimatic integrated an Optitrak™ Tray Elevator with Simplimatic’s overhead Simpli-Flex® 83 conveyor. To lower the product, Simplimatic used an Optitrak™ Tray Lowerator to carefully handle the product.

The manufacture of eyeglass lenses and optics requires a high level of precision to ensure products are not harmed during conveying or handling. Simplimatic had to make sure the equipment was able to be integrated with the customer’s current line layout in a precise manner so the products would ride smoothly and consistently throughout manufacturing.

Project Goals

The goals for this system included creating an aisle way for the customer to safely convey products over the head of employees. The Simplimatic team sought to smoothly integrate Simplimatic’s elevator, lowerator, conveyor, and additional automation equipment within the customer’s pre-existing line to ensure heightened manufacturing throughput.

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