Semiconductor Packaging

Simplimatic has produced thousands of conveyors that operate in some of the world’s most demanding semiconductor chip assembly, testing, packaging, and R&D environments.

Simplimatic’s expertise and world renowned edge belt conveyors help companies reliably handle semiconductors, lower labor costs, increase throughput, and maximize production speed and efficiency through the automated handling of dice/dies/die after the wafer die cutting process. Simplimatic’s equipment caters to JEDEC trays, Auer Boats, FOL carriers, and other pallets used in backend-of-chip (BEOC) or downstream manufacturing processes.

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Simplimatic works hard to safely transport your electrostatic-sensitive semiconductor chips by ensuring the precise and careful handling of JEDEC trays, Auer Boats, FOL carriers, and pallets that are common in backend-of-chip (BEOC) or downstream semiconductor chip manufacturing processes. Simplimatic’s flexible, modular systems can easily fit current line layouts or pre-established factory line environments. Each piece of equipment is electrostatic-dissipative (ESD) to protect the integrity of your products.

Simplimatic offers custom automation products, with or without robotics, to automate repetitive tasks within semiconductor chip manufacturing and final packaging processes. Each automation project is carefully engineered based on stringent customer specifications. Simplimatic is an Authorized System Integrator for FANUC® and utilizes clean room engineering techniques and can implement up to ISO class 7 clean room compliant (FED STD 209E 10,000 equivalent) equipment. Simplimatic’s automation systems are extremely precise with a high level of repeatability to suit even the most sensitive manufacturing environments.

Simplimatic provides customers with complete access to our team of mechanical, electrical, and system integration engineers. These engineers use their expertise and their decades of semiconductor experience to provide material handling and automation equipment to meet the needs of unique semiconductor chip manufacturing, production, assembly, testing, and R&D customers. Each engineering goal is to achieve maximum line efficiency, ensure maximum line up-time, optimize the cost/benefit ratio, and deliver superior long-term service and support.

Each piece of Simplimatic machinery is offered with optional installation packages for customers around the globe. Simplimatic’s field service engineers travel to customers’ facilities to integrate each piece of machinery while simultaneously giving them the knowledge and training they need to operate their equipment optimally to maximize throughput and minimize line downtime.

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Simplimatic utilizes a network of direct sales personnel, manufacturers, representatives, and integrators, depending on your industry. Simplimatic’s corporate office is located in Central Virginia and operates on Eastern Standard Time (EST/GMT – 05:00).