Simplimatic Automation
78 Corporate Way
Evington, VA 24550



Your Global Partner for Conveyors and Automation

Simplimatic has been a trusted name in material handling systems since 1965. We manufacture material handling systems and automation for the semiconductor, electronics, packaging, assembly, pharmaceutical, and automotive industries.

We bring value to our clients, both large and small, by helping their engineering and production staffs leverage their most precious resource, time. We do this by:

  • Maintaining a core competence in conveyor technology
  • Possessing "Industry Specific"application knowledge
  • Focusing on improved productivity through efficient system designs
  • Designing and building durable, low maintenance equipment
  • Offering superior, global customer support
  • Providing all at a competitive price and lead time

From worldwide corporate accounts to small custom R&D projects, you will grow to appreciate the breadth of our experience, our world class customer support, and our corporate agility. With one of the largest installed bases worldwide, we are ready to serve you.

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Simplimatic Automation, Inc. is owned by Simplimatic Engineering Holdings, LLC a business development and private equity firm.